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A black and white image of a film set with white text over top that reads "THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW, In the evolving landscape of scripted entertainment Production Assistant solidarity is more important than ever."

Production Assistants deserve better, safer working conditions. Currently we have:

  • No guaranteed turnaround times

  • Rates that have not increased commensurate to inflation and are rarely adjusted to reflect work experience

  • No guaranteed access to affordable healthcare

  • No access to pensions or 401k plans

A group of PAs sit at a string of tables that have many, many piles of background vochers laid out.
Two background PAs go though vouchers on a soundstage.

Our Mission

Production Assistants work in almost every department in film and TV. Whether we're on set, in the production office, in the writers rooms, or in the post suites we are integral members of the crew. We deserve to have safe working environments that pay us adequately for our work and provide a decent quality of life.


Our mission is to organize Production Assistants, address the issues that make our jobs unsustainable, and ultimately create a safer and healthier workplace for all.

Join Us

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